Jump High, Real High

I know what you are thinking, why would you be writing about increasing your vertical or how to jump higher. Well I’ll tell you why, because this is America and it’s a free country. And in this free country I want to talk to you today about something that has been bugging me… why white boys like us can’t jump as high as other people you may know. The thing is we just don’t have the same genes as other nationalities but why should that stop us!? We invented the internet, the toaster strudel, and the statue of liberty so what is holding us back from inventing a way to jump higher?

I’ll tell you what is holding us back… nothing! There is a way for us, and everyone else who wants to, to jump higher than ever before. This method is called Total Jump System. This method is unlike anything you’ve ever tried in the sense that it actually works! No more strolling through the park wishing you could jump. No more walking around the basketball court just barely touching the net. No more watching 6’11” guys dunk on the hoop and thinking of kicking them in the nuts. Those days are over because you will soon be able to jump that high.

So take out a piece of paper and write ten reasons why you want to learn how to increase your vertical and jump high, real high. I’m waiting… go ahead and do it. Take out that piece of paper and figure out the reasons. Maybe you are a pole vaulter and wanting to clear that final hurdle. Maybe you play football and want to clear a defender jumping in for the touchdown. Maybe you play basketball and want to finally dunk on that hoop. Whatever your reasons you need to write them down so you have an observable goal you can look at which will help you stay on track and jump at the level you want to.

You see it’s not like the olden days when you would just wait around the house and remember this all. You have to write it down. We are in the age of technology, cells phones, laptops, flying cars, and the like, and you want to keep this on your mind when you go through your busy day. There is a lot of talk of actually raising the height on hoops which is infuriating a lot of people. Then who will be able to dunk? Only the guys with acromeglia who are of abnormal human proportions. But how is this fair? That people who are just freaks of nature get an advantage when basketball is a team sport. It just doesn’t make sense. So in the truest sense of the word, you just need to know what you want. And if you know that then you will be golden like a flying fish on a Tuesday.

Well I hope this article helped with your dreams. I hope you are set on what you want to do and where you are going. To find out more on how to jump higher just go here and check out the book Total Jump System. You will certainly be glad you did!