About The Author – Zac Miller

Zac Miller: How to Text GirlsHi, I’m Zac Miller. I’m a guy in my late twenties who has been through a lot. I’ve lived in four states, gone to college, worked a few jobs, traveled around the US, had my far share of relationships, and have met a lot of people. Through all this life experience I have a learned a thing or two about girls. Here’s something you always need to remember though… girls don’t make sense!

I remember being the “unpopular” kid in high school always struggling with girls. I had no skills with the ladies and just couldn’t figure them out. It wasn’t that I was shy, it’s just I had no “game”. This all changed when I got to college though and had some free time. I started working which led to a little income and I started reading anything I could get my hands on about girls. So I started trying it out. Some of it worked wonders and I was able to knock girls off their feet… but then some of it was crap and just made me look stupid.

Well I sorted through the crap and started getting really good with girls; I mean I was going on multiple dates each week! Girls couldn’t get enough of me. I really enjoyed this new found talent especially with the crap I dealt with in high school. Now I was the one on top.

I realized something though… with all the new technology out such as texting and web chat, the dating books had stayed the same. They all still talked about the same stuff people were doing in the 80’s. Nobody brought up the new technology that people were using and relying on to talk with girls. First off I saw the potential and thought it would be great to make a book on this as I had already started implementing all the things I had learned into my texting game. Secondly, I thought about all my brothers who were like me in high school, or maybe still struggling with women later on in life and wanted to help them out.

So this is where I am now and why I made this book, “The Art of the Text“. I want to teach guys how to talk to girls with¬†texting. ¬†It’s the #1 way people are talking in the modern age! Not only did I just implement what I know, but I talked to many other pick-up artists and guru’s to make this book. I really got down to the dirt and did my research to make this book. I want to help out the guys who were like me, or who just want a little help with girls. Texting is the ultimate tool you have with girls in the modern age and can definitely make or break your results. Good luck guys!