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It is critical that you DO NOT send another text message to ANY girl until you’ve read every single word on this page!

Do you want to become the man when it comes to texting? Do you want your phone to be vibrating constantly from all the girls texting you? Do you want to guarantee that girls will reply to the texts you send them? Well then listen up, because you’ve come to the right place. We here at LearnToTextGirls.com have developed the guide you’ve been looking for!

In this day and age, texting is a huge deal! Everybody has cell phones and everyone texts. If a girl doesn’t know you that well, she most likely won’t answer a phone call from you and may even consider it a little rude. She would probably think to herself… “why didn’t he just text me?”

Texting has become an art that can make or break your chances with females. Think about it, what’s the first thing you do after you meet a girl and get her number… you text her! And if you’re anything like me, you may have no problems getting numbers or talking to girls, but when you started texting, things would always take a turn for the worst! Then you start thinking to yourself:

  • Why isn’t she responding?
  • Did I say something wrong?
  • Should I text her again?

And the many more questions you may be asking yourself! Well, just like most people, no one has ever showed you the “proper” way to text girls. No one has given you the “rules” on texting or advice on the texts you should send. With time you have just kind of developed your own style, sending the texts you think work, and gone with that.

There’s Something You Need to Know…

If you’re not getting the results with females you want, what and how you’re texting them could be a big part of the problem! There are so many “texting mistakes”… very common mistakes a lot of guys make that immediately turn girls off and put you in the “stop talking to” category.

Then there’s the other scenario where you’re texts are okay, but just like every other guy you’re texting her messages that look like this:

  • How was your day
  • Your so beautiful
  • Whats up

And the many more terrible, carbon copy texts every other guy and their dad are sending this girl. That’s something you need to understand about guys… most guys aren’t original… they all text girls the same thing. And if you’re texting a girl who happens to be talking to more than just you, how is that making you stand out from the pack? These kind of texts bore females.

I mean think about it like this, unless you know a girl really well and have interacted with her for years, your texts are all she has to judge you by. Most interactions now-a-days are via text message. So if your texts make you sound boring, mean, nervous, etc., why would this girl want to continue talking to you?

You Have the Opportunity to Become a Texting Master

Wouldn’t it be nice if girls started:

  • Responding to all your texts.
  • Texting you first.
  • Agreeing to go on dates with you.
  • Asking why you haven’t texted them.
  • And waiting by their phone for your texts!

Hi, let me introduce myself. I’m a pick-up artist named Zac Miller who, after much research and collaboration with other pick-up artists in the field, have developed a guide that teaches you how to make the above list a reality, as well as teach you everything you need to know about texting girls.

And when I say everything, I mean everything! I hated it when I bought books that left out info, or didn’t claim to do what they said. I do not leave you hanging any step of the way. I guide you all the way from getting her number, to explaining everything you’ll ever need to know about texting, to calling her on the phone, to asking her on that ever so important first date! I give you tips, advice, many different example situations, and copy & paste lines you can literally start using right away! Learn how to text a girl you like today and never be ignored again by the girls you like.

Become the guy your friends come to for advice with girls!

Time is of the essence here as the more you time you wait, the more girls that will pass you by and the more times you will think what “could have been”…

Texting is such a big deal and having the upper hand on the many other guys who are competing for girls can really make you stand out from the pack!

Why Would You Wait Any Longer to Get Better at Texting Girls Now!

Guess What… You Don’t Have To!

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This Guide Works with All Types of Girls

What I have noticed while writing this book is girls are very similar when it comes to the reasons why they respond… or don’t respond… to a guy’s text messages. There are certain texts that trigger emotional responses in girls… and there are texts that bore them and make them not want to respond. This guide is universal and works on all girls you may be texting.

And once you are given just a little guidance from this book and UNDERSTAND the basics of texting, any trouble you’ve had with texting girls will be a thing of the past as you’ll grasp the big picture of texting.

Just Imagine Being Able to…

  • Get responses anytime you want from girls.
  • Get girls to ask why you haven’t texted them.
  • Use copy and paste lines to get girls emotionally interested in you.
  • Understand the foundation of texting and always know what to say and when to say it.


Download and Receive These Immediate Benefits

  • Learn why texting is such a BIG deal in today’s society and how it can make or break your chances with girls! (Page 6)
  • Use the equation on this page to GUARANTEE you won’t ever get flaked on for a date again. (Page 7)
  • I devout all of Chapter 2 to explaining the easiest ways to get a girl’s number. (Page 9)
  • When all else fails just remember this pocket guide to getting a girl’s number and you can’t go wrong! (Page 13)
  • I’ve found doing this one thing is the best chance you have if a girl isn’t responding to your text messages. (Page 16)
  • Flip a common technique girls use on guys and have her thinking about you all day. (Page 17)
  • Should you use emoticons? (Page 18)
  • Don’t be another guy making this common mistake! (Page 19)
  • If a girl puts any of these items in her text messages, it’s an indicator that she’s into you. (Page 20)
  • Use this copy and paste line after you get a girl’s number to introduce yourself. (Page 22)
  • The two MAIN reasons guys mess up with texting AND with girls in general. (Page 25)
  • Just remember this easy to remember slogan when texting girls and you can’t go wrong. (Page 26)
  • Use any of these TWENTY NINE “copy and paste” example opener messages to start texting girls right away. (Page 28)
  • Violation of this rule will kill your chances with a girl faster than anything else. (Page 31)
  • Make sure you never mention this one word when texting girls. (Page 33)
  • Learn how to build attraction with women and what your main focus of texting should be. (Page 34)
  • A HUGE list of example nicknames you can assign to different girls you are texting. (Page 35)
  • The science of projecting messages into the future. (Page 35)
  • In chapter 6 I teach you how to ask girls on dates by giving you lines you can use via texts or on the phone. I don’t leave you hanging either, I give you tons of great first date ideas and how to handle texts after the date. (Page 37)
  • And so much MORE!

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**Learn how to Text Girls is an electronic book (eBook) meaning as soon as it’s purchased, you can download it instantly on your computer!

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